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Does upgrade require a migration?

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    So I really like the StartupWP theme. I looked at a lot of themes and this one had most of what I wanted out of the box, but has taken some time to tweak it closer to what I want, but I’m almost there and think I’ll be sticking with it long term, which means I want to throw some money your way ;)

    Anyhow, I need to know if there is any sort of migration required when I upgrade to the pro version? Meaning do I just buy it and it seamlessly picks up all my current settings, or do I have to reconfigure my widgets and such? Meaning do I need to plan for some down time?

    Also, if you check out my blog with it’s current settings based on StartupWP at I want to get rid of the clutter between the end of each post and beginning of the comments.I’d like to know if in the pro version it is easy to remove the category/tag cloud from the bottom? Or am I going to have to muck about in the CSS in order to accomplish that? If so, I’ll need help…

    Also, I want to set up a landing page to be my latest post with comments, instead of my latest post without comments? Meaning I want the landing page for my domain to automatically arrive at my latest actual post page like I tried doing this with a category called “home” and only have the latest post set with the “home” tag and used a category based menu to accomplish this but it just gives and excerpt.

    Finally, I want to know if I can get rid of the category breadcrumb at the top of the page on each of my category based menus?





    No, we’ve taken special care to make the upgrade experience seamless. While you’ll install StartupPro technically as a separate theme, once you activate all your settings and widgets will carry over automatically with no additional steps.

    Just make sure to go over the following before upgrading:

    Once you have the pro version installed and activated we can address the customizations you’re wanting to make.



    Thanks, the install and upgrade were pretty seamless once I unzipped the downloaded zip file to get the WP theme zip file… I thought Mac OSX was telling me to unzip it before using it, DOH!

    Anyhow I did have to make a couple of very minor tweaks to get the functionality back to where I had it.

    So now the question is, (sorry being a bit lazy here, but it’s been a very stressful and long couple of days for me), let me know if some of my questions are address in the Pro docs, or there are posts that already address some of them, or if I should go ahead and open up new posts to address each question.

    Thanks and have a good weekend,




    In order of your requests:

    1. Use:

    .single-post .entry-footer {
      height: 34px;
      overflow: hidden;


    2. For showing post content in a page, checkout this plugin:

    3. Looks like you figured out how to remove the breadcrumbs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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