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Free Upgrades for Life

Stick with free, or upgrade to pro for an unbeatable $19, just once. No upgrade fees, membership fees or crooked tiered license fees, EVER. Pay once, you’re in for life.

Freedom for Life

Freedom to use your theme as you see fit. Use on as many personal and commercial projects as you want, no developers’ license needed around here. Take a deep breath, the air is fresh isn’t it?

Free Support for Life

You will always have full access to top notch expert support for your theme and beyond, WordPress, plugins, CSS/HTML customization, SEO advice and more. Whether you are just looking to start a blog for the first the time or need some more advanced advice, the forum is open equally to pro and free users alike.

Freedom of Choice  

60-Day Money Back Guarantee. Sometimes we make impulse buys or our expectations aren’t met. If within 60 days you find that your theme isn’t a good fit for your project and we’re unable to remedy those issues to your satisfaction, we’ll refund you right away, no further questions asked.

Responsive Design  

Fully responsive from 1000px wide (desktop/laptop) to 320px wide (iPhone portrait). At 320px a special design just for that size is dynamically used. You can easily change the maximum and minimum widths in your theme options for the entire layout (you can even make the layout full-width if you like).* Content, videos and images will all seamlessly resize to the viewer’s device.
*layout width option not available in free

Standards-Friendly Grid

By default, a standards-respecting proprietary grid is designed in (most theme shops use 3rd party grids which gives them far less control of their own themes). 1000px total layout width with a 960px area containing a 640px content area and 300px sidebar area all with perfect padding and margins. Design consistency like this is important for YouTube/Vimeo videos, images, AdSense ads and more.

Cut Above a Framework

Although the theme and design are feature-packed we’ve worked hard to not go over the line into cookie-cutter territory. We left a lot of room for you to really take hold of the design and make it your own and less like your neighbor’s.

HTML5/CSS3, SEO-Friendly Quality Code

Valid, lightweight, hand-written code for speed and cross-browser-friendliness. 90% of the theme is written in-house for quality control now and for easy improvements and additions later. For the other 10% we carefully select the best and most popular 3rd party tools and scripts.

Custom Logo

Upload and add your own logo or header/banner graphic.

Custom Social Icons  

Easily add your social profile URLs for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Control icon size.* Add as many additional social profile URLs and your own icons as needed.*
*icon size and custom social icons options not available in free

Custom Contact Area  

Add your phone number, email, address or other details to the header.

Beautiful Dropdown Menu

Beautifully hand-written and designed dropdown menu that supports 3 dropdown levels.

Custom Slider  

The World’s most popular slider fully integrated into the theme. Add unlimited sliders to pages, posts and widget areas.* Add and re-order custom slides or pull slides from post categories or galleries. Size how you want, control the slide speed, transition effects and more.*
*only 1 slider can be created in free
*free is not responsive and limited to available features of free slider alternative

Custom Twitter Feed  

Feed your Twitter account Tweets directly into your website. Insert any username and choose how many tweets you want to show.*
*limited to 1 tweet in free

Custom Icons  

Set custom favicon, Apple touch device and Facebook share icons.

Custom Colors/Styles

Control the menu, background and text colors. Control content and header text styles. Add your own background image.

Google Fonts  

Integrate up to 3 Google fonts from a selection of over 600.*
*limited to 1 font in free

Social Post Sharing

Allow your visitors to Like, Tweet or +1 your blog posts.

Custom Copyright  

Completely customize copyright line or use for something else altogether.

Contact Form  

Easily place a contact form on any page, post or even widget with a simple shortcode.

In-theme Login Page  

Let your visitors login within the design of your theme using the Login custom page template.

Sidebar Layouts  

Choose from left sidebar, right sidebar, two left sidebars, two right sidebars, sidebar left and right or no sidebar at all. Change the sidebar layout of posts too.*
*post sidebar option not available in free

Special Templates  

Special page AND post templates (that’s right, all templates work for posts too, not just pages). Grid, a template that allows for a page of widgets. Creative, that allows for landing pages. Blank, that allows for just about ANYTHING you can think of.


Shortcodes that allow for including buttons, styled links or boxes (small, medium and large) and endless other features to pages, posts, widgets and more. With widgets and custom areas, shortcodes and the new PHP shortcode that allows you to add PHP anywhere, extensibility is off the charts, all without having to be a programmer or even mess with theme code! Have a look.

Header/Footer Widgets  

Allows for placement of widgets at the top and bottom of your site allowing for all sorts of creativity. Allows for easy integration of an AdSense banner for example.

Advanced Editing  

Allows adding of custom CSS, header, body and footer scripts and code (which includes CSS, HTML, PHP and JavaScript saved directly to your database via your theme options without having to hack files directly). Allows for easy Google Analytics integration for example.

Import/Export Settings  

You can easily backup, migrate or share your theme options data.

bbPress Theme  

The most popular forum plugin is integrated directly into the theme design.

Bundled Premium Plugins  

8 high-quality premium plugins (an $800 value) included for free use with StartupPro.

Footer Credits Removed  

StartupWP and WordPress credits removed by default.*
*you may manually remove in free

So Much More…

We honestly can’t list everything or truly do the creative potential here justice. With StartupPro, WordPress, around 25k plugins and the level of support we’ll provide you, you’ll get much farther with $19 than you’d get with your very own traditional web designer building something from scratch for $1,000. Be sure to checkout the demo and give the changelog a quick glance to see what’s been newly added/improved.

StartupPro — $19
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