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    Last Updated: March 12th, 2013

    By purchasing and using our products, services and support, you agree to the following:


    We do not need to collect anything further than a PayPal email address in order for you to make your one-time purchase (which we do not store onsite – see PayPal Privacy Policies). We do not need to collect your name (although in most cases the associated name with the PayPal account is available), address, phone number or anything else for you to purchase and use our products. If you need to register for and use the forum, a username, email address and password will need to be created and stored to manage and identify your account. Your IP address is tracked through the forum and other various SPAM tools for the sole purpose of keeping the site secure, spam and abuse free. All information and activity on the entire StartupWP site is secure and encrypted. However, please note that the forums are public, NEVER share any private information you’re not comfortable with being public.

    Of the few details we do need to collect for operational use, your data will never be used, sold or shared with any 3rd parties for any reason, accept in the event that we’re forced to by law or where’s needed for simple operational use (between Sellwire and PayPal for example). Even in-house we have no intention of including you in any advertisement/newsletter emails. If we’re ever to release a newsletter it will be an entirely separate step where you would need to explicitly signup. You may receive purchase/receipt/download and product update notices by email from time to time via Sellwire (which you may opt out of and choose to check the changelog manually instead), who also stores your PayPal email to verify your purchase.


    We’re (StartupWP LLC) not liable or responsible for your use/misuse/abuse of our products, services and support (which may include plugin recommendations and other advice) and any loss or damage that may occur as such. Your use of our products, service and support is entirely discretionary on your part and the management, stability and security of your website is solely your responsibility. However, we do care about the quality of our products, services and support and your happiness and success in using them. We will always do our best to provide you the best support we can to your satisfaction in the forum. If within 60 days of purchase we’re unable able to meet your needs/satisfaction with our products, services and support you will be refunded in total.

    Thank You

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