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    Always check the changelog to see what’s changed and for version specific notes, before upgrading:


    If you’ve directly and manually edited ANY of your theme files outside of your theme options or WordPress and plugin settings (like editing header.php or footer.php), these changes will be overwritten/lost upon upgrading. Your pages, posts, comments, widgets, theme options, settings etc will always be fine as these are saved to the database, not stored in files.

    If you need to manually edit files for advanced control, please use a child theme.

    Upgrading from Free to Pro

    Upgrading from free to pro is very easy. Simply install the pro version and activate it like you would any theme and your settings will automatically carry over. If you run into any hiccups we’ll be in the forums to help. Please note that while you’ll mostly gain additional features, some features will be enhanced or otherwise different and require different settings. Please read the pro documentation here.

    Upgrading from Pro to a New Version of Pro

    These steps are rarely required only when automatic updates are not possible.

    This will be a little trickier if you’re not comfortable using (S)FTP ([Secure] File Transfer Protocol – please note that not all hosts support SFTP and only support FTP) yet. We recommend FileZilla (how to use).

    1. Connect to your site’s root (often public_html). If you’re not sure how to FTP or what your FTP credentials are you’ll need to check with your host’s support.

    2. You’ll then navigate to wp-content/themes

    3. Inside wp-content/themes you’ll find the startuppro theme folder. Download/backup this folder somewhere safe. This is in case there are any issues in step 5, you may simply revert back to the previous version.

    4. You’ll now want to unzip the new version of the file that you have downloaded so you have the bare startuppro folder.

    5. Upload the new theme folder over the old one overwriting/replacing it with the new files. Done, you’re now upgraded.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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