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Tranfering Pro accout to "new" WP url

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    I’m wondering if it’s possible to transfer my StartupPro account to my “new” WP url?  I recently had to change a word in my blog’s url, and because both WP and my web hosting provider advise against actually renaming one’s WP files to make a change to the blog’s url, I had to import everything into a “new blog” created under the correct url with the intent of simply deactivating the first WP blog.  However, the first WP blog is the one that my upgrade to StartupPro is associated with.  Seeing as I just purchased the upgrade last month, I’m hoping the switch will be okay.  I think I’m just outside the “30 day guarantee,” otherwise I would have just “returned it” on the old url account and repurchased it for the new url account.

    Thank you for your help and your reply!

    Sincerely, Danielle



    Hi Danielle,

    You don’t need to repurchase StartupPro, you pay once and you’re in for life. Every future upgrade is available to you without further purchase.

    Just resent the receipt/download link. Bookmark this link in your favorite browser and you can download the latest copy from there whenever you need.

    Also, in the newer versions we’ve now added an automatic update feature so that you can update your theme right from within your WP admin.

    As far as moving your entire WordPress install to a new domain, please see:

    Thank You



    Thank you!  I didn’t realize the upgrade applied to other urls I might have.  That’s wonderful!




    Absolutely, use on as many personal or commercial projects as needed, forever. :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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