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    Today when I published a new post, an email was not generated to my subscribers. I have not had this problem in the past. In trying to problem solve, I activated my Jetpack, but I don’t think this was this issue since I was able to send emails out before and it still isn’t working. I had not made any other changes that would have affected my subscribers.
    Thank you.



    Jetpack is an overly complicated plugin that causes a lot of conflicts, we generally don’t recommend it.

    Instead of using Jetpack that’s sort of 20 plugins in one, we recommend choosing individual plugins for the few features you do need, as needed.

    For instance, for subscriber emails we recommend:



    The jet pack was not plugged in at the time of my problem. My subscribers are not signed up through jet pack but instead on a plugin for email subscribers from Gopiplus. Maybe I need to go through them to find the problem. I only added jetpack after the email didn’t send. What can I do to solve my problem so notifications go out with my next published post?

    By the way….I find it surprising you don’t recommend Jet pack, it came as a recommended plugin with a huge banner telling me I haven’t activated yet. A bit confusing….


    Keymaster is quite popular because anyone coming from to self-installed versions will likely pick it up as it is what’s built-in to sites.

    It’s also made officially by WordPress so comes pre-installed in a lot of setups like Internet Explorer on Windows machines.

    You’re welcome to use whatever you like of course and by all means it might be a great plugin for your use, but in our experience it’s an unnecessarily complicated plugin and has been the cause of many many conflicts over many support tickets over the years.

    For subscribers, we recommend:

    Never run into a problem with it yet.

    As for, not familiar with it. You’ll want to post here for support:

    Thank you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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