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    (This beta is the pro version of Startup which is identical visually. If you prefer to test the free version, you can find it here.)

    Startup has received well-needed visual and mobile improvements.

    But, we don’t want to miss anything so we’re opening it up free for everyone to test and provide feedback below.

    Note to free version users – You’re absolutely welcome to keep and use this pro beta release freely if you like, however, please note that in order to get access to the stable release when it’s ready and future updates you will need to purchase the full version. Use coupon code 4EVR50 for 50% off if you decide to upgrade.

    Note to pro version users – We strongly recommend not upgrading over your live site with this version. This is only a beta for testing and the visuals have changed. Once the stable version is released you should be able to automatically update safely without breaking any functions, but again you may want to prepare it before going live to make sure that design aspects are not broken and are to your liking.

    Tips for Testing

    – Test on Different Operating Systems
    – Test on Different Browsers
    – Test on Different Devices (mobile testing can also be partially simulated here or by resizing your desktop browser window horizontally)
    – If you find issues, please note the device, browser, browser version etc. because some issues only occur in a specific setup and are not universal
    – If you can, please provide screenshots of issues you find (you can use imgur or similar and simply paste in the URL to the image)
    – We absolutely want to hear subjective feedback and suggestions on how things look and feel as well (though please note that we can’t incorporate all ideas)

    That’s it. Thank you.



    I guess I’m the first to give feedback. Thanks for adding an toggleable Menu link for small sizes (instead of having the whole menu taking up space all the time). But to fully serve touchscreen users, you need to do one more thing (and it should probably be done at all sizes, because of iPads and such): change the way submenus respond to events. Right now only hover will show submenus, and touchscreens cannot hover – they can only click, double-click, and long-press. (There may be other places in the theme where hover is used, but the nav menu it where I noticed the issue.)

    I have not personally done the programming for solving this problem, but doing a bit of googling and reading some of the hits, here were a few pages that looked informative:

    Another page, although applying it for something else, had this neat little function for detecting a touch screen, without using Modernizr:

    function is_touch_device() {
    return (('ontouchstart' in window)
          || (navigator.MaxTouchPoints > 0)
          || (navigator.msMaxTouchPoints > 0));

    I don’t know if it works on all devices, but it looks promising – I like simple.

    But then is a simple blog post that points out the weaknesses in all current attempts to solve the problem – argh!

    Anyway, perhaps some of this information might be helpful to you. Any move toward more support of touchscreens for the nav menu is appreciated.



    Yes, you’re the first to leave feedback on the new beta, thanks!

    Strange, in our testing touchscreens always worked elegantly with our menu system, with only one tap/click on a parent menu item opening the sub-menu and holding it open to easily decide where to go next, all without needing any special hacks or detection (we try to keep Startup as standardized as possible).

    It could be a recent change that broke something, we’ll go back and test this issue.

    What exact device(s), browsers, versions were you testing on?

    Thank you.



    I’m so sorry! I wasn’t originally testing it on anything, because I don’t own a smartphone. I was simply observing the behavior at small widths and in the Screenfly simulator, and I assumed that if hover worked, tap would not (because I thought it would act like a mouse click, which would open the parent item instead of the sub menu). But my husband does have a smartphone, so after your last post I asked to borrow it and tried it. Amazingly, it does work as you say! Apparently tap on a smartphone (at least on a brand new Galaxy S5) is a distinct event from a click – that’s great.

    But one new problem occurs on the real hardware that was okay in the simulator – on the Galaxy S5 (default browser), the little arrow that indicates that a menu item has a submenu is not visible for some reason. There is no visible scrollbar, so that isn’t the cause. Here are screenshots with and without the submenu open.



    Great to hear. Yeah, there are three basic levels of mobile testing, from least accurate to most accurate:

    – Squeezing your desktop browser narrower
    – Using simulators like or browser dev tools
    – And course, nothing beats testing on the actual devices themselves (also the most difficult because it’s not practical to have access to all the many devices available)

    We’ll be making another pass-through on the beta soon, but keep the feedback coming.

    Thank you.



    I noticed another issue with submenus at the mobile size. You reduced the width from 180px to 150px, and that got my attention, because one of my first couple of submenu items is forced to wrap on the mobile screen. When that happens, the line spacing is such that it’s not obvious that it’s a single item.

    Take a look at – it is two cropped screenshots of my developing site in Screenfly on the iPhone 3/4 setting. On the left is the current StartUpPro and on the right is version 2.5. Two concerns:

    1. Is there a reason why the submenu needs to be that narrow? Yes, some of the main menu need to be accessible on the left of it, but mobiles less than 360px wide are rare these days. Also, a fixed width in pixels makes the submenu a long way over from its parent on mid-size screens (like a 7″ tablet in portrait mode). My suggestion is to use a percentage in the media query – something around 70% looks pretty good to me.
    2. When the menu item “Children’s Sunday School” wraps, it’s hard to tell that it is one item. I suggest that the line height be reduced – you are currently using the line height to separate the menu items, but that should be possible with some combination of padding and margins, so that line height can be used for the text itself. I failed in a short attempt to whip up an example, but you know your theme’s CSS better than I do, so you can probably get it to work with no trouble.


    Yes, this will be fixed. Thank you.



    Hmm, am I the only beta tester? Anyway, I noticed an unexpected behavior (intended by you or not, I don’t know). When using on mobile, after tapping “Menu” to open the menu, if that’s all one does, the menu stays open until you tap again to close it (that’s what I would expect it to do, since it is a “toggle menu”). But if you then tap an item that has a submenu and the submenu opens, you only have a few quick seconds to decide what to do, or the whole menu will close up on its own! Is that intended? It seems quite inconsistent – the behavior should be the same – either have a timeout or not (I would prefer not, since you still have the toggle button available), but it seems bizarre to have a timeout only if a submenu is open (that affects the whole menu, not just the submenu).

    And if you plan to have a timeout at all, I think the time is way too short – I don’t know how many seconds it is, but the person to whom I was showing the site felt rushed looking at only two submenu items – imagine if there were half a dozen or more!



    Yes, this was an experiment to see if we could get some feedback before an update. Unfortunately, it does not look like the community is large enough yet, so we will be returning to regular updates. We might try beta testing again in the future, but for now, it’s proved unproductive.

    The 2.5 update has now been pushed live.

    This topic is being closed.

    For any bug reports, please use:
    For any suggestions, please use:

    Thank you.

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