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    1 The only widget area that seems to be working fine for me is the sidebar widget are and footer widget area. Anything I add or delete works smoothly. The problem comes in when I add anything to the Left / Right sidebar widget area,
    header, grid or content widget area. Nothing shows up. How can I get this working

    2 Further, when I add my pages in the Footer Widget area then there is a long list of pages in one column. How can I limit the number of pages in one column to 10 and the remaining in additional column.

    3 Is there a way to include only certain pages and not all the pages in the Widget



    1. Some widget areas are also dependent on the page template/layout used in order to show, found under Page Attributes when editing a page.

    2. We’ll need a link to your site to see the issue live please.

    3. Under Appearance > Menus you can create custom menus and then under Appearance > Widgets assign those menus to a Custom Menu widget. Furthermore, you might benefit from a plugin like:



    1. When I am using the pro version should’t all widgets be working, why should they be dependent on the page template

    2. my website is



    1. Because for example, there’s the left sidebar widget area. It wouldn’t make sense for it to appear any other time unless you specifically chose the left sidebar layout for a page. This is a logistics thing. Is it fair to assume you’re relatively new to WordPress? If so, please understand that this is how all themes handle such features and may make more sense the more time you spend with it.

    2. Use:

    #pages-2 {
      -moz-column-count: 4;
      -webkit-column-count: 4;
      column-count: 4;
      width: 100%;



    Yes, Its a fair assumption that I am a newbie to wordpress, now I would appreciate if you can let me know where and how I need to place the above css code!!



    Please see the link shared above:

    Basically, you can just copy and paste into your theme options.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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