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Setting Up a Forum (bbPress)

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    We highly recommend the WordPress forum plugin bbPress:

    We’ve specially designed our themes with bbPress in mind so that it integrates flawlessly into the design (see demo).

    Here are some tips to make sure you set bbPress up properly for our themes:

    – Do not create a “forum” or “forums” page under Pages and use bbPress shortcodes to display bbPress there.
    – Instead, let bbPress automatically create this page, which you’ll be able to find at upon activating bbPress.
    – You’ll need to create a custom menu under Appearance > Menus to include the forum link manually.
    – Under Settings > Forums you may adjust the settings however you like, but we strongly recommend unchecking the “Prefix your forum area with the Forum Base slug (Recommended)“. While the plugin developers recommend that you do leave it checked this actually causes ugly duplicate slugs in URLs like
    – Now just make sure to actually create some forums for users to add topics and replies to (or nothing will appear on your forum page). You’ll find Forums, Topics and Replies right there in your main WP admin menu.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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