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    I just would like to say, I appreciate your assistance with the issues  I was having but, I do not think pro works for me. I am having too many issues with widgets and menus and I can no longer devote time in dealing with these issues. My inability to figure this out has led me to just deal with the free version of Startup which much easier for me to maneuver around. So it is best that I request a refund because I will not need to utilize pro version.


    Thank you



    No problem. Refund issued.



    Hi I recently upgraded to the pro version and its seems the free version is good for me, as I have a basic website and the additional widgets etc will not server any purpose to me. So appreciate a refund. Thanks



    We’ve just answered your other two topics:

    Are you sure you’d like to go back to free?

    You’ll no longer have access to the latest major versions of:

    Which have already been updated to version 2 by the way and we’ll be updating Pro with eventually.

    You might want to go back over the feature list ( again real quick before giving your final confirmation.

    If you give final confirmation of your refund request and your purchase was made within the last 60 days, we’ll get you refunded right away.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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