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    When using the default templage twenty eleven you can put a text in there. As example My first wordpress website. It is possible to change it in that theme. But where can I find it in the Pro version? I checked and changed some settings but i cannot figure out how I can get it there.



    Hi arjan,

    It sounds like you’re asking if you can include the site title and logo together? Is that correct?

    Please clarify, if that’s not correct so I can help you solve the correct request.

    Thank You



    Yes, that is correct.



    You’ll want to setup a child theme:

    Then copy over header.php from your parent theme. In your theme options you’ll want to choose the logo option. Then find the following in header.php:

    if (!is_singular()) {echo '<h1>';}
    echo '<a href="'.home_url().'/" title="'.esc_attr(get_bloginfo('name')).'" rel="home">';
    if ($options['logo']!="")
    echo '<img src="'.esc_url($options['logo']).'" alt="'.esc_attr(get_bloginfo('name')).'" id="logo" />';
    echo esc_html(bloginfo( 'name' ));
    echo '</a>';
    if (!is_singular() ) {echo '</h1>';} ?>

    Either above or below this block of code, you’ll want to add:

    <h1>Your Site Title</h1>

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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