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    I bought this theme on Envato. At least I think this is the same theme.
    It has the same name. It was removed from my downloads page and removed from Theme Forest.
    If indeed this is the same theme, will I still have access to updates?
    I CAN provide my purchase code as well as my payment receipt from PayPal and Envato.
    I posted here in HELP as opposed to ACCOUNTS because the NEW TOPIC radio button
    produced no new topic area for me when I availed myself of it. I simply got a page refresh.

    The more I look at the demo of the theme for this forum, the more I realize this is probably not the same theme I purchased.
    The demo here looks more like a plain old default theme that comes with wordpress and I would never had paid 55.00 for it.
    The theme I bought was gorgeous. But apparently, as has happened before occasionally at Envato, looks like I was ripped off yet again.
    That is not your fault, just saying a sad truth. I apologize for probably wasting your time.
    If it is the same theme, and I doubt it now, wonders why is was so drastically changed?



    We are the original and official Startup WordPress theme, we do not sell on ThemeForest. Any other theme being sold outside of with the name “Startup” is using our trademark without our permission and is not the real thing, and causes confusion just like this for our customers and their own.

    We help people build original websites, not cookie-cutter duplicates as is the case with “beautiful” themes. Startup and StartupPro are plain on purpose, because they’re just white label tools to help you get started building and designing something more unique and professional, just for your site.

    We hate to see people get duped or confused like this, whatever the case, it’s unfortunate. We’d be happy to provide you with a free copy of our pro theme and provide advice here in the support forums on the correct way to build a website, especially for startups.

    For the record, the official free version (Startup) is found here (, and the official pro version (StartupPro) is found here ( Created by StartupWP LLC for $19 with free lifetime support and upgrades.

    Again, apologies for the confusion. We’ve been working hard on getting other developers to stop using our name to avoid this kind of confusion any further in the future.

    Thank you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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