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    I used to be able to click on Posts and all my posts would display along with the number of views per page. Now when I look, all the page views show 0! What do I do? I’d like to be able to see how many actual views I’ve had. I don’t know what I’ve done to make these disappear.
    thank you!



    How were you tracking views, a plugin?

    We recommend setting up Google Analytics:

    Would you like us to walk you through installing?


    I don’t believe I have a plugin to view this. It is just on the the “posts” page. i used to be able to go through my dashboard to Posts and on that page it would show me my posts, and would have a number of views with each posts. That is still there, but now they all say 0.



    For this issue as well as the other, at this point it my be best if we got in and had a look.

    With your permission, we ask that you please email us your WP admin login info:

    Thank you.



    Since WordPress doesn’t track views by default this had to be a plugin.

    This is the Yuzo ̵ ̵ ̵ Related Posts plugin. The reason you were seeing 0 for views is because when you first click on Posts you’re looking at All posts which just so happen to have Drafts at the top at the moment that have never been published, therefore wouldn’t have any views yet.

    Simply click on Published and you’ll see your view stats are still working.

    Additionally, it looks like you have 3 Google Analytics plugins installed. You should choose just one and remove the others.

    Thank you.


    Thank you for your help. Most of my views so back up when I click on published, but some of my posts show zero views or just a few…while others show a more accurate number. I appreciate you taking the time to look at things for me!



    If they’re published and have 0 or only a few views, depending on how much traffic your site has so far that may well be accurate.

    Since you have Google Analytics you’ll be able to track the flow of traffic through your site much more accurately.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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