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    Troubleshooting steps to take BEFORE posting for help:

    Throughout all the forum, WP = WordPress.

    1. Read the documentation.

    Find the documentation here (primary docs index here), which will be ever improving as we go along and learn what common questions customers have.
    (the documentation is specifically tailored for the pro version – however we will absolutely accommodate free version questions and support as well)

    2. Search for the answer.

    Search for the answer using the search form here or on any page. Search is powered by the most powerful search engine on the planet, Google. That means that you can use common search operators like you do everyday on Google. Your question may have already been asked by someone else or many others and long-since answered.

    3. Deactivate ALL active plugins in the Plugins area of your WP admin.

    Make sure to clear your browser cache (and WP cache if you’re using a caching plugin) and refresh the front-end of your website. If the issue has gone away, one of your plugins is incompatible with the current theme version, WP version or is simply broken. You can now reactivate each of your plugins one by one checking your front-end (after clearing cache and refreshing each time) until the issue returns, therefore narrowing down and finding the incompatible plugin.

    At that point you will want to delete the plugin out permanently and search for an alternative plugin that has the same features to replace it. If you really had your heart set on a particular plugin you may want to report the issue directly to the plugin author and you may let us know of the incompatibility issue as well.

    4. Make sure that everything is up-to-date under the Dashboard > Updates area of your WP admin.

    Caution. Although it is strongly recommended that you keep everything up-to-date it is important to understand that this is completely optional and that upgrading always carries some risk. You should always backup all of your work, settings, files, folders and database. It’s also important to note that if you’ve made direct edits to your theme files outside of your theme options or through the use of a child theme, that this work will be overwritten (lost), upon upgrading your theme. – changelog

    When you really do need to post a new topic, we NEED the following information:

    – Make sure to post in the correct forum
    – Please post a new topic for each major issue (you may group and itemize very similar questions into one topic when appropriate – like customization)
    – Please do not post in other people’s topics unless you’re answering their question or unless it’s otherwise appropriate (everyone deserves one on one support)
    – You MUST indicate whether you’re using the free or pro version of the theme (this will in no way impact the quality of support you receive – it’s merely needed so we know the best and most correct way to help you)
    – You MUST indicate that you’ve at least tried step 3 (if appropriate) or we’ll ask you every time to do this before troubleshooting further
    – Please share the link to the website in question (this will save A LOT of time – please share the complete URL, for example – that way it will be automatically linked and save us time)
    – Please share what WordPress and theme version you’re using
    – Please share what operating system, browser and what their corresponding versions are, that you’re using
    – Please share any details that may be needed in order to recreate the issue for our review

    Community Ideal

    We want to build a rich, informative, helpful and friendly community to help everyone reach their goals of success with their website and business.


    This is a public forum. DO NOT share sensitive information such as passwords in your topics.

    Impolite behavior and profanity are not welcome in these forums or the StartupWP community, either towards us or each other. We will go out of our way each and every time to make you happy if you’re courteous, polite and reasonable. Those that decide to be sarcastic, malicious, yell, reply with personal attacks or that are overtly rude will not be tolerated. Depending on the degree of the offense you may be given a warning first. Other times you may simply be refunded and/or banned (in rare instances where someone was over-the-top out of control).

    We understand the support process with any company is generally stressful and frustrating, we understand this. Most companies will take as much abuse as you can throw at them because their bottom line is money. We’re not one of those companies. Our bottom line is enjoyment for what we do, money is secondary. So, we will not tolerate abusive behavior, period.

    We are always polite and professional. We’re also honest and straightforward. While many people find that refreshing, others misinterpret this as somehow rude and/or unprofessional. Perhaps, because almost no company is ever that, honest and straightforward so it’s uncommon. We’ll NEVER personally attack or even match the tone of someone being extremely rude. We will however be more terse (appropriately so) in taking control of a situation.

    These guidelines are not meant to make things difficult. To the contrary, those that read these guidelines will receive much quicker support as apposed to those that do not. There is a good reason for everything that we ask. If you fail to provide enough information, this will naturally result in more time spent on back and forth questions. Help us help you.

    Thank You

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