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Nivo Slider reinstall

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    I had a funky thing happen the other day when I was updating two plugins, Nivo slider being one of them. It never got to the “finish” page but did not error out or anything either. NS still said it required an update and I have tried several times to update it, but it fails everytime.

    Based on past experience with plugins I double checked and made notes of my settings, deactivated, and deleted Nivo Slider to reinstall forgetting that it is part of StartupPro. I went to reinstall and cannot find the plugin in the plugin repository.

    Is there anyway to get this plugin or do I need to resinstall StartUpPro?

    Of course my update schedule failed so all I have are ancient backups of the web site.

    Any help will be appreciated.





    I figured it out. I has been so long since I installed StartUpPro that I forgot the plugins are in the zip file. I have reinstalled and am moving forward.

    Wonderfully it found my sliders from before so I did not need to rebuild them!!




    Good to hear. For future reference, the plugins cannot be found in the free WordPress repository. You can find them sold separately (outside of the StartupPro bundle) here:


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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