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    I am newbie for building my site with no programming knowledge. I am now looking for a suitable business theme. I have been testing newwp theme and catchtheme. As for starupWp, I would like to give it a try. So can I ask a few questions :-

    1. What is the difference between startupwp free and pro?
    2. What is favicon and widget, really meaning?
    3. For startupWp theme, can I adjust the size of the site to look narrow a bit.
    4. Can I narrow the space between top and the site title (header part)?
    5. Can I insert search box, ” login “, tables ?
    6. As for custom menu, I cannot adjust anything at all like navigation menu?
    7. Is startupwp really suitable for beginner who with no coding at all?

    Thank you.



    1. This is outlined in great detail in the features list here:

    2. A favicon is the little image you see next to URLs in your browsers window. Widgets are little sections at the side of the page for example where you can add all sorts of features, say a Facebook fan box, email subscription signup form, list of recent blog articles etc.

    3. Yes, we can help you with the CSS customization, or in pro you can set this directly in your theme options.

    4. Yes, this will require CSS.

    5. Absolutely.

    6. Please see

    7. Yes, because even if you request a customization that involves code we can most likely write it up for you and share where you need only copy and paste.

    StartupPro is a lot easier to use and more self-contained. Startup will require setting up a child theme:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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