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Need to remove script added just before /body tag over a year ago.

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    I added a Survey Monkey pop up script to my home page over a year ago. It does not show on the StartUpPro customization page in the proper box to remove it. It is in the code somewhere but i can seem to reach it to remove it.
    I have put the newest pop up code in the before /body tag box, but the old one pops up rather than the new one.

    I am running WordPress 4.9.1 running StartupPro Child theme with StartupProVersion: 2.5.2.

    I am not sure where else to look for this script to remove it. I was far more active in WordPress and this site at that time, but i forgot most of what I knew at that time. I need to relearn each time I do something!

    I have disabled JetPack because back in the day you could insert CSS and various other things through there, but none of those settings seem to be there anymore. I fear this may be where I inserted it before, but I cannot be sure. I have not disabled any other plugins as I see nothing there that might help.

    Any hint of a clue would be appreciated as I need this newer version survey up soon.

    Oh the site is . It pops up the 2107 survey whereas I want the 2018 to pop.

    Thank you for your time.


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