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make content on sidebar left template float to right

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    I use the sidebar left template for posts, hoping to use the the left sidebar for widgets (which I want to control so as to appear only on posts) I’m using a widget called Disable for this. As far as I can see the CSS has provision to make the content float to the right on the sidebar left templates. However, it keeps getting overridden by this CSS line:


    So that the post appears in the centre of the page and the widgets are pushed to the bottom.

    If I try to contradict this CSS line the whole site gets messed up.

    The website is

    I’m using the StartWP Pro theme on WP version 4.5. Everything’s up to date. I have disabled all the plug-ins – it has made no difference. My browser is Iceweasel running on Ubuntu.

    I’ve really tried to fix this – have fixed many other issues – but not this one. Many thanks!



    Looking at:

    I can see that the Sidebar Left template is working fine. The problem only occurs when you introduce the Disable for This plugin?

    I recommend trying these alternatives:




    Thank you for your very prompt reply.

    I had already deactivated the Widget disable. In fact, I realised that as long as I only put widgets in the Widget Sidebar (the first option) they would only appear in posts where I used a Sidebar Left template – or at least that’s what seems to be the case. Therefore no plugin needed.

    But I still hadn’t cured the problem of this rule


    jumping in and forcing a left float when I wanted a right float, despite targetting the float on the required post template. Everytime I inspected the code there it was.

    I’ve fixed it now by changing the overarching rule to float:right and the page templates to float:left. So far, it’s OK – don’t seem to have broken the Internet. :-)



    Glad you were able to solve it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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