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Main nav menu order reversed

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    People with other themes have had this problem and posted on the WordPress forum, but the answer of “your theme is using float:right” doesn’t seem to apply here. I want my menu items listed left to right in the main navigation menu, but they are right to left in order (i.e. Home, which is the first in my list in Admin, is the right-most of them), although the group of them is justified to the left of the menu bar as a whole. What clue am I missing?



    Never mind. When I started changing the labels of some of the items and it didn’t have any effect, I figured out that something else was fishy. I eventually figured out that I have to add the menu to the “theme location” for it to work. What threw me off is that there is apparently some magically created menu with all your static pages that appears in the main menu location if you haven’t assigned an actual administered menu to it yet.



    Yes, until explicitly declaring a custom menu, WordPress, by default, auto-fills the menu.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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