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Customize Menubar and Mobile Menu

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    Please help me out with the next questions / issues i have with the website

    1. How can i remove the white stripes in the menubar (between the titles)?
    2. The active page in the menu, how can i make the menubar color (only for that particulair title) white background and pink font. So actually i want to reverse the normal settings, which are pink background and white font.
    3. How can i remove the space between the menubar and page area?
    4. When i use H1 tags, the font colour is grey instead of black, it should be black
    5. When i use H2 tags, the font colour is blue unstead of black, i want it to be pink (#F5B7C3)
    6. Can i customize the mobile view, when i visit the website on my smartphone it displays the complete menubar. On mobile phones i only want to see a dropdown with the several menu items. When it shows the complete menu it takes to much space on the mobile phones..

    Thank you in advance!

    KR Robin



    1. Use:

    #menu ul li a {
      border-right: none;

    2. Use:

    #menu .current-menu-item a, #menu .current_page_item a {
      background: #fff;
      color: #f5b7c3;

    3. Use:

    #header {
      padding-bottom: 0;

    4. Use:

    h1 {
      color: #000;

    5. Use:

    h2 {
      color: #f5b7c3;

    Note – Remember to remove the spans.

    6. Looks like you’ve already simplified your menu, however a design update is coming soon that will improve the mobile menu. You might try a plugin like in the meantime.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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