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    I’m using two page templates on my site, one with sidebars left and right, the other with sidebar on the right only. I can adjust the width of the sidebars so they’re consistant, but the main content area is set at 60 per cent regardless of the number of sidebars. So in one template the content leaves a lot of extra space, on the other template the content is too wide for the two sidebars, so one drops down below it.

    Anyway to fix this?




    Yes, we can specifically target the different templates in CSS so that we can avoid tripping up other styles. Please share the link to one of your sidebar left and right pages.


    Here’s one with a sidebar left and right: (The left sidebar is blue, the right is green)

    The right sidebar is pushed down below the content area.



    We can target the content area only on this template using:

    .page-template-template-sidebar-left-right #content {
      width: 50%;
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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