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You closed this topic, but I think that is premature. I would have talked to you privately about this, but there is no way to contact you except the forum. (You’re welcome to get my email address from your forum registrations and write to me offline if you prefer.)

Although your final post on that thread seemed to indicate that you thought I was asking for a redesign, if you read the first two paragraphs of my final post on that thread, you’ll see that all I specifically asked for was one more minute of help with troubleshooting (the rest of the post was clarification and additional information that I had learned by internet research and experimentation with the themes that come with WP). All I know so far about the issue at hand is that the menu works on some undisclosed testbed on iPhone and iPad (your demo site has two submenus, but neither parent has a page link), but it doesn’t work on my site with three different brands of Android devices. So I asked you to please do one of the following (both would be even better):

  • Try my site on your iPhone
  • Give me a link to the site that worked for you, so that I can try it with these Android devices

Even if it weren’t “unique, original and experimental” new code (using your own words), I don’t think that’s too much to ask from the support department of a business I paid money to.