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Hello StartupWP,

1. I have copied this function.php from the download theme which is in my computer. After that, I uploaded from the FTP to my child theme. I just want to double check with you first before I start
my work.

I have referred to the wordpress support forum and noticed that function.php is different from style.css file. So before copy to the child theme, I have to make some editing from the function.php, then copy the edit function.php to the child theme, is it right?

So I just input the opening PHP tag, closing PHP tag and a little bit of PHP to create an edited copy for the child theme before uploading,

2. This is the screenshot for the menu settings :

a) Main menu (Upper portion),
b) Main menu (Bottom portion), and
c) Footer menu portion

3. Can I know how to adjust the footer spacing between “Contact Us” text and Copyright ?