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Yes is still have a couple of problems that I would like to see if you can solve or if they are even possible. My site, is a small town site that gives many older readers access to some local news and events. One problem I have is getting some readers to navigate my site properly. A good example of a problem would be if you look at my obituary page under current news. That link will take you to the category archive view that has a picture and a excerpt from the obituary. Readers are having a hard time realizing that only the title is a clickable link to full obituary. So, is there a way of either (1) making the read more tag work in the category archive view, so they would actually see something there to tell them there is more and would link to full obituary. or (2) is there a way to have a sticky header at the top of the category archive views that would explain they have to click on heading to see full article.

Thanks for any help you can provide.