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Dick Ash

I’ve been away from this for a while, and I’m very confused…
1. When I go to Appearance, then Editor I see: This theme is broken. The parent theme is missing. Please install the “StartupPro” parent theme.
But when I go to Themes I see that StartupPro is installed. On Themes Under Broken Themes it says:
StartupPro Template is missing
StartupProChild The parent theme is missing. Please install the “StartupPro” parent theme

I’ve read but I have no idea how I’m supposed to use that info to fix my problem.

2. I’d like to change the template of one or more pages so I can have a sidebar area, but some pages don’t have a dropdown to allow me to change the template.

3. I got an email from bluehost about SEO that says things like:

Use Targeted Keyword Phrases. To land near the top of Google’s search results, you need to get granular in your metadata (which is how the engine tracks your site). The meta title is the blue headline in your search results, the meta description is the grey text below it. Make sure both of them (and your URL) have the same keyword phrase.

How do I do this?

In a related question, when I get my site to show up in a Google Search, it looks like this:
Private Training
HOME. WHY CLICKER AND POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT DOG TRAINING? Blessed Furever Dog Training LLC is owned and operated by a certified….

Why does ‘Private Training’ show up as the title instead of ‘Blessed Furever Dog Training Huntington WV’? How can I change this?