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Please see

1. Looks like you were able to solve the description style.

2. Great.

3. In that case let’s do this:

a. Add this CSS:

.purple-box {
  background: #cab1e2;
  padding: 2%;

b. Then in the page content you’ll need to switch the editor to HTML/Text mode and wrap the 3 areas with the following HTML:

<div class="purple-box">


4. The same place you added that widget under Appearance > Widgets, you can add more widgets there.

5. This happens when you create multiple drafts. For instance, you likely created multiple “Home” pages and some are probably in the trash. Make sure to delete them all out except for the live “Home” page. Then edit that page and you’ll see the field where you can edit the slug (is what it’s called) and remove -2 and save.

You’re welcome.