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I understand your concern, but we’re not going to make statements like “This theme doesn’t work on IE8.” (IE8 being the latest IE available on Win XP, a 12 year old operating system mind you) because that isn’t inherently true, some people are using it still on IE8. We have the demo and we explain what the theme is, we’re not going to comprehensively exhaust what the theme isn’t (which may be isolated and subjective anyways), as this is neither practical or reasonable.

What is reasonable is a 60-day refund policy to be honored if you find for any reason, the theme is not suitable for your project. Which is where we’re at.

However, we’re now looking at your order and see that your purchase was made back in January, which means you’re not even eligible for a refund anyways. However, we’ve made the mistake of already guaranteeing you your refund here in this support topic. Since we’re an honorable and honest company we will be making an exception for you. Refund issued.

Thank You