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Thanks for the reply, and indeed you’ve answered the “parent” issue, and what you suggested — integrating WP into my existing site — is indeed what I ultimately want to do. But for now (given limited resources) I want to, at the very least, go with my “low-budget” solution of simply skinning to look like

If the user checks his address bar, he may well realize that he’s on .net, and yes, I know that I’ll be losing the basic SEO juice of my blog posts. In other words, yes, I’m aware that it’s very sub-optimal, but my goal for now is to just get up and blogging, and my developer is occupied with other projects.

So, aside from the above drawbacks of my proposed low-budget solution:
1) Will I risk losing / compromising any of the StartupWP theme’s functionality if I have a WP programmer re-style the header and footer?
2) Assuming that I ultimately focus my attention on the better solution of full WP integration on, will I be able to still use the StartupWP theme? Or will the theme necessarily have to be a custom job built specifically for the site I’m integrating it into?