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Strange, I did exactly the same. But it was not working….
I don’t want to make the forum a mess, so I will put the question here.

Now in the posts, there is written “Posted in” – “Bookmark the permalink” is there a possibility to remove that? I tried several solution founded on the internet, but they are not working.

I tried to get all the images/article (the top, header, and the main body text close to each other) like one page. I’m working with a child theme and im using this in the editor:
Header{margin: 0 0 -2%}

#branding, #social .details{margin-bottom:0}


body{margin: 0 0 1%}

#branding, #social .details{margin-bottom:0}

if I am using lets say -2.1 or 2,1 the theme is not working anymore on mobile phones/tablets/etc.

If needed I can provide you the website so you can take a look.