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We have the documentation:

And specifically, if you’d like to learn CSS in order to style the look of your site, start here:
(which starts at the very beginning by first, explaining what CSS even is)

So we already do what you’ve suggested, but more importantly as a customer, we don’t force you to have know or learn code, let alone understand the terminology. That’s all entirely unnecessary and will in no way hinder your ability to get help.

Explain whatever you like in your own words and we’ll very likely be able to understand what you mean. Rudimentary descriptions are fine:

How do I make the area background at the top where the logo sits blue?

Here’s the link to my website, see where the Home link is, how to I make that a different color from the others?

And we’ll explain exactly what to do in very simply terms.

Support is exactly as easy as you’d like it to be, as easy as anyone wants it to be and you can speak freely, we don’t care if you understand the tech lingo.

Ask away! :)