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1. Finally see what you mean, you need to turn off comments for that page. See:

2. If you want a left sidebar on your “Contact Us” page you need to edit “Contact Us” under Pages and on the right of the page you’ll find a dropdown options “Page Template” that will allow you to set the Sidebar Left template.

3. After you’ve setup 2, you can create a custom menu under Appearance > Menus and then drag the Custom Menu widget and assign it that menu, into the sidebar left area under Appearance > Widgets.

4. This will require hacking the code via a child theme. Perhaps we save this one for later until you’re more comfortable using WordPress and themes?

5. Refer to 1 on turning off comments.

6. Here’s the default CSS:

body {
  margin-top: 3%;

Lower or increase 3 as needed. Also, if you’ve picked up the Pro version, you can add CSS much more easily via:

Which is also a great resource to start learning as a beginner.