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Helllo StartupWP,

Very thank you for your reply.

Contact Us : I have copy and paste the shortcode into my “Contact Us” page content under Pages, but when I go to my site, I find its very odd as I need to remove or hide one of them. My site is Please advise.

2. I have go to Appearance => widget => click on Left Sidebar Widget Area, by adding and save it. However, from my site, I did not see any sidebar and I only want it to appear on “Contact Us” ?

3. May I know where to set this up : , as I want to set on the left side area on my “Contact Us” ?

4. How to have this ” Enter search keyword ” with a small icon in the search box : ?

5. From my site, you can see “Store”, how to remove those unwanted inside the “Store” ?

6. By the way, how to adjust the space from the top to the menu bar : ?

Thank you as I have been asking quite a lot questions for help. I never think of hiring a programmer as I want to learn as a beginner.