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Yes, 3 days ago I have created a topic as newbie, as I have forgotten where is it so I created another topic. Hope you don’t mind. At that time, I have not tried using StartupWP Theme yet.

Now, I have stepped into this theme, of course I have a lot of questions need to ask you as you know, I am totally with no code knowledge. I have installed WP Nivo Slider, but have not used it yet.

By the way, where can I insert those shortcode given by you? Is it in child theme style.css ?

Contact Forum. I have created a page “Contact Us”, then I copy and paste the adjusted contact form 7 to my page. Now I go to my site, I didn’t see anything from “Contact Us” menu bar ?

I am sorry as my English is not good. For the above Contact Forum : I mean I have inserted contents in “Contact Us” page, but from my site, I am unable to see anything under Contact Us when I click on it.