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Thanks, I agree that there does not appear to be a theme that has this functionality today but after looking at probably a couple hundred descriptions and finalizing on a dozen to beta test, I decided to go with StartupWP because it did most of what I wanted easily, and you have a great response to questions and issues on this support forum and are willing to help with some extra code and/or advice to try to get a customer’s customizations implemented.

That being said I figured I’d have the best shot at this implementation going with StartupWP Pro.

Now, I did implement the child theme (which was a lot easier than I expected) and created the php file with a copy and past of the code you provided and while it does display the latest post, it doesn’t show the comments section.

I tried it with the static page set as both a “Front page” and a “Posts page”, but with no difference. I also tried with comments on and off on the page itself, in addition to setting the Reading Option for “Blog pages show at most” at the default of 10 and 1.

Any additional thoughts are appreciated, if we can get this to work, it would be a nice differentiating feature to advertise.