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Hello again,

Thanks for all this support!  It is truly appreciated.   I am working offline on localhost so I’m not sure how I could send you a link to the site for you to see.  (Again, I’m new so if you know of another way, I’d be glad to try it.)  I could send you a screen shot if that helps, but I’m guessing you want to see the codes on the page.  I can live with just using the Novoslider’s default theme for now showing the radial buttons.

I do have a bigger problem and that is my logo isn’t showing at the top of the homepage only.  All other pages do show the logo at the top.  Here’s all of the css custom codes I have in the startup pro options area:


.home #slider{display:block}


header {

padding-bottom: 0;


nav {

margin-top: 0;


#slider {

margin-bottom: 0;


I’ve tried refreshing, updating every page by page, etc., but nothing.  I had at one point in the custom css area #site-title{display:none}but a decision change meant we had to reinstate the logo.  Could that code have triggered a change elsewhere that I have to go in and alter it back?

4. This is a WordPress theme standard. If you’d like to setup a child theme to hack and change the code we can walk you through this. Or we can help you to style them differently if that’s the issue?

Yes, I need to setup a child theme to change this standard function in WordPress.  I found the documentations for it at and

Should I go ahead and use these?

Thank you!