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Refer to the topic no 5,

We’ll need a lot more specifics than that.

Their difference from IE and Google :

a) Fonts show in navigation bar and footer
b) Text alignment show in store page
c) Border-bottom alignment (sidebar) show in contact us page
d) “0 Comments” show in all pages
e) “Post Comment” button show in all post pages

My new question :

1. From all pages, the “0 Comments” are cursor: pointer, but how to set them clickable and able to link to comment form ?
2. From live comment preview, how to change the pencil icon to unclickable, I have inserted this cursor:text !important, but it seems not working at all ?
3. How to make “Your comment is awaiting moderation” flickering/blinking ?
4. My demo slider has suddenly missing, I have tried to reload and reset them but it doesn’t appear on the homepage ?