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Hello StartupWP,

No, I’m afraid you don’t understand what I mean.

What I want is, when visitors come to this page, they can only see part of the post, in other words, the rest of it is being hidden, till they click on the “Read More Button” than they are able to see everything.

So my question is, 1) Refer to my site, I have hidden the rest of my post, but I want to show this symbol […] ?
2) From the post page, how to pull the image out ?
3) I have set the margin to pull the “Read More Button” up a little bit, but still no change at all ?
4) How to adjust the spacing between “The Fat Loss Factor” and “Posted on………” ?
5) How to adjust the spacing gap between the horizontal line and how to change the color of the line ?
6) How to insert a link from the “Read More Button” to the post ?