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Hello StartupWP,

Thank you so much.

1. Footer Area. There is an item you have missed out, please refer ?

By the way, how to alignment the inline further a little bit from “Privacy Policy” ?

2. <div id=”followus”>
© 2013 All Rights Reserved.

For this part, I not really understand as I need to add them to the Appearance => StartupPro Options, followed by wording area. After that, I add in the Facebook share image and also
Facebook profile URL, but it appears on the top right corner ?

And how to insert the text “Follow Us On” at the footer area (refer to the last request post) ?

3. #menu-my-categories-menu li a:before {
content: url(“") !important;
font-size: 10px;
padding: 0 10px 0 1px;

For this part, if I’m unable to download the image arrow I like from somewhere, this code cannot be added, right ?

4. Refer to the last request post no item 5 (http://prntscr.1c5d56), I would like to have a search box with text ” Search …..” and search icon on it ?

Thank you.