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Hello StartupWP,

1. I would like to have my footer area :
a) Background : black colour,
b) Height : (some px but I don’t know yet),
c) and “Contact Us” (refer to my site) : without underline.

I set the css code like #footer {….. , .footer {….. , #my-footer-menu {…. , #footer-widget-area {…, and so on, but is not working at al.

2. If I want to insert “facebook icon” at the footer area which either just above “Contact Us” text or right hand footer area, may I know what ccs code I need to add in ?

3. If I want to create one or two more footer widget area, is it available for startupPro version and how to do it ?

4. I have added in a plug “JQuery Mega Menu Widget” , I go to Appearance => menu, and => widget and set everything that I want. From the supporting forum, I still can’t get the thing I want.
I want to click or hover on the “Store” text under menu bar, then a drop down list like or appear ?

One more thing, is do I need to create anything on the page, like what you mention, create a page called All Category and set it to Grid Template…?

Thank you.