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Hi trotsig,

We’re never anything, but polite and professional, though perhaps more straightforward and honest than most are used to as many companies use other diversions instead of simply giving the straight and honest answer.

This is not beta testing, as explained already, the form is secure and fully functional, though perhaps a bit simple for your needs? The point here is that unless you’re actually receiving spam, you do not have a legitimate complaint that we can look into. You’re raising an issue based on a hypothetical in which you assume there will be a problem based on your misunderstanding of the form, you’re not actually reporting a real current problem of any sort in which we can take action on to “fix”, as nothing is “broken”.

We’re sorry you for some reason feel that the form will not work for your project. If you bought the theme solely for the form and do not like the way the form functions that’s completely understandable, this theme is simply not a good fit for your project in that case and we’ll be happy to refund your order if made within the last 30 days. What’s your PayPal order receipt number?

Also, if you want a form with more advanced and robust, customizable options, we recommend checking out:

The theme’s contact form is meant for those that need one simple contact form. Again, it simply sounds like you’ll need more control than that.

You’re also welcome to suggest that we incorporate a CAPTCHA feature here:

And if a large number of people also want the same thing it’s very likely to be incorporated. Right now, we want to keep things as friendly as possible and CAPTCHAs are very difficult and annoying to many. In our testing the form security is unique and secure against bots, yet still human friendly. Unless that changes, there isn’t anything to address.

Thank You