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Dick Ash

I’m back with some questions and to make sure I haven’t screwed something up….

1. The tagline (site-description) is too small in the desktop view (IE 11) and way too big on my phone (Android Chrome). On the phone it almost takes up the entire screen. Text too big. It’s Android 5.0.0, Chrome 47.0.2526.83. On the desktop view it was a bit too big and I tried to make it smaller but got it way too small and I can’t get it any bigger now.

2. I’ve added pages and since the search box is at the end of the line where the menu is, it’s causing the menu to wrap around. I’d like the search box up above the social media icons with the phone number (which I’d like darker and bolder) )” /> and email address hyperlink where they are. That way the menu hopefully won’t wrap around. If it still needs to wrap, I’d like it to look better. Currently the first menu box in the second row doesn’t line up with the first box in the first row and there could be a little space between the rows.