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Dick Ash

More questions…..several little things……thanks in advance…..
1. How can I get rid of ‘HOME’, ‘About Us’, ‘Classes’ in the white area of each page? I don’t think I need those since they’re in the tabs now.

2. Why is there such a big gap of lines between paragraphs on the home page? How can I get rid of some of that space? The same problem exists on the About us page.

3. In the sidebar area of the home page, how can I change the font of the text?, Also, how do I get the corners of the purple box rounded like the main text box has?

4. Speaking of the sidebar, if I wanted to use that template on another page how do I get an empty sidebar to work with? When I set the page_template of another page from ‘Sidebar none’ to ‘Default template’, the text of ‘Why Blessed Furever’ appears in the sidebar on that page also.

5. I’d like to change the background color of the purple box with the text to a lighter shade. How do I do that? What is #cable2 in the background field?

6. When I’m using the Appearance editor to edit a page, In the dropdown labeled ‘Select Theme to Edit’ the list of values has StartupPro listed twice – as the top and bottom values. If I choose the top value, there’s only a style.css and a header.php file. If I choose the bottom StartupPro, there’s a big list of files. I probably did something wrong with the themes to cause that. How do I get rid of the extra one? There’s also a ‘Startup’ value that I assume would go away if I deleted Startup from the Appearance…Themes page. Also on that page, below the list of installed themes under Broken Themes there’s an entry for StartupPro with Template is missing.

Thanks again!!