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Dick Ash

OK. I activated the StartPro Child Theme. I copied the header.php and style.css files from StartPro to StartProChild.

On the editor screen I see the message: This theme is broken. Template is missing.

Remaining style issues:
1. Header: The facebook and twitter icons are huge. I want them normal sized and with the phone/email line at the right side of the header. I also want the phone number to be larger and darker (bold) but I can’t find how to style it.
I also haven’t been able to style the ‘All dogs are Gifts’ text. I want it to be larger and a different font. I’d like to be able to break it with ‘All Dogs are GIfts’ on one line and ‘Well-Behaved Dogs are Blessings’ below it without the semi-colon.

My wife wanted some sort of curved text for the ‘All dogs are Gifts text’ I searched for a plugin that would do that and couldn’t find it. I assume to get that we’d have to make it in some other software, save it as an image file and display it in the header.

2. Menu – somehow it’s changed to a drop down menu instead of having buttons arranged horizontally.

3. Page Confent: The purple boxes inside the white look good except I don’t want a new purple box for every paragraph.
On the About Us Page I just want three purple boxes inside the white area.
I want one with the picture of Robin and the text from ‘Robin Belcher Ash’ through the paragraph beginning with ‘When not training’.
Then a new purple box with my picture and the text from ‘Dick Ash’ through and their Therapy Dog Visits.
And a new purple box with the text starting with ‘Hi! I’m Angel’ through the paragraph starting with ‘My favorite thing’.

4. In the dark purple box at the bottom, the site map has disappeared.
How do I add other content, like text links to our facebook & twitter, the APDT and other logos, etc.? I also want the copyright there and not between the content text and the footer?

5. URL’s. The page names are now appearing instead of p=80. That change was on the Settings->Permalink screen, not Reading.
However, the URL’s now contain ‘home-2’. Such as How do I get rid of the home-2?

Thanks again for your help.