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Dick Ash

Thank you so very much. I think I’ve implemented the changes, except for part of #1.

How do I style the ‘All Dogs are GIfts…’ text so it’s larger and over to the right? In conjunction with that I’d like the phone number, email and facebook and twitter icons to be a little larger and below the ‘All Dogs…’ text.

If I may, I have some more questions….
2. How do I make the menu buttons rounded? I found this in another forum answer but I apparently didn’t put it in the right place or integrate it into my existing menu code:
#menu, #container {
border-radius: 10px;

3. How can I put a border around the main text content on each page? To reference the page again, see how they have a darker yellow background, then a white area and then a box with the ‘The WIsh’ header and text that has a border and slightly lighter yellow background? That’s the look I want

4. In the footer area of each page I would like the look from the bottoms of the pages. We’ll the logo like the lower left one they have (APDT) and one other for Karen Pryor Academy. We could also repeat the social icons there like they did. Then in the very bottom area I’d like to do what they did with our business logo again, the site map (which I generated using the Menu Site Map widget from the WP Site Mapping PlugIn), a header and text links for facebook and twitter, a header and text for ‘Areas served’, and then the copyright notice.(which obviously needs help getting the shortcodes right.

I appreciate any and all help and I’m sorry if I’m asking for too much of it. I tried to find answers in existing questions before asking things, and I did find and use some things myself.

I really wanted to try to do this website and I don’t mean to be such an idiot about some things. I have a 37 year old Computer Science degree and worked with Oracle databases of navigation data during my career for the Corps of Engineers but never got into the web stuff at all. I feel like an intern all over again.

We’re in West Virginia and the Dogs Among Us business is in NY. If they ever happen to see our page I hope they understand that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :). Their page was an example in a Web Content course I took from the Assoc. of Professional Dog Trainers and I think the businesses whose websites were shown understand they’ll be imitated because they’re good.

Thanks again for your help. I’m impressed with StartUp themes and the way you support them.