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t’s especially concerning considering that we warned these companies of these kinds of confusions that could develop immediately upon realizing these companies were using our product names prior to any issues arising.

In fact, these companies were warned well in advance much further back than 6 months, only unfortunately, some companies refuse to fix the problem regardless of the confusion it causes because of interest in the marketing value of the word “Startup”.

Considering we are the official and original Startup® (the first to use the name in this market) and have built our entire company around helping startups (the word Startup appears in the very name of our company even) you can imagine our frustration in trying to protect our brand and customers as well as other customers in the marketplace even of those companies that seem to not care about their own customers very much.

Have you contacted Designmodo via legal methods about this? Please understand that your theme and the one that designmodo have are totally different in all aspects; I do hope that you reviewed the link that ive posted here in my earlier reply… How is it that I have a license key for their Startup Framework for WordPress and yet YOUR theme is showing up in my dashboard as an available update? Yes, you would certainly have many people with the same problem that ive had and I am having my legal council look into this because my sites are not for fun and games or testing things out; my web properties are for paying customers so this type of thing doesnt fly well with me at all!