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Are you guys on vacation or are support requests restricted / ignored until you come out with the new fix it patch for the problems that the official update created?
I know you warned the community to use or test BETA update as it might cause problems. However, regarding an official update, i didn’t expect it would cause problems and that everything would be handled seamlessly.

A reply in which direction we are moving would be greatly appreciated.

For more details please find description below:

2 Support tickets:

I run the site msinterim (dot) se and installed an update. The black menu cross bar did not resize properly after update. How can i change that?
Thanks for help

Actually, i checked some more with other web browsers. In all other browsers i have no problem with the rendering of the black menu bar. It has the right size. Hower with the update, i noted the entire outer “box line” disappeared and some headline fonts changed. I can live with it, but was that on purpose? If it want to change it back, what do i need to do?
So the only problem i have is with the rendering of the black menu bar in Google chrome. Google Chrome is up to date.
Any hints on how to fix it?