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Sorry about the multiple topics – I only did that because twice you closed the topic so that I could not respond. Thank you for combining them, and especially for leaving it open this time.

I’m not looking for something more advanced. When you added a toggle menu to version 2.5, its design is such that it is clearly intended to include submenu capability. In the Beta Testing thread you even said you were working on fixes to it, e.g. the width of the submenu and the line spacing. (I’m looking forward to that updated version – I tried fixing that in my child theme but failed to get the right combination of CSS rules.) Meanwhile, even though you gave up on the Beta Testing phase (I don’t blame you a bit – one tester is not enough to have a whole phase!), you invited customers to report bugs in the Bugs forum. So I did. It took me a while to figure out exactly what was happening (my first description was inaccurate – the menu is not folding up, per se), but I kept you informed of my findings. Then you started saying that this issue was specific to a single device that might have an unusual setting or something, and closed my topic (twice) before I had a chance to clear up what seemed to be a misunderstanding. You seemed convinced that the submenu works (even with a parent link) on enough devices that you can claim it as a feature of your theme without further development. That’s the point I have issue with. I tried to help with testing, but my testing results were not treated as valid. If you go ahead and admit that it doesn’t support having a link on the parent item (and I recommend that you put that in your documentation so that you get fewer support contacts from others in the future), that’s fine. I would have changed my menu to avoid parent links (or studied how to make it work and edited the child theme), and we would have been done talking. But you didn’t do that, so I thought you still intended for even that combination of content to work okay. That’s why I kept writing back – I’m not trying to be difficult; I’m trying to help by providing Android testing and feedback, since you apparently only have Apple devices.