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We’ve tried both tapping a parent element that has no link set (or just a #) and one that actually links to a page…
…Unfortunately, this appears to be a problem at the device level. iPhone and iPad work fine.

Before we assume it’s an Android vs. iOS thing, did you try my site?
I found an old WP forum thread where iOS users were having my problem with the TwentyThirteen theme. It was supposedly fixed, so I tested with my Android tablet. The demo they cited (on does work, but my site running TwentyThirteen does not. Either added a hack to their copy of the theme that is not in the release, or there is something hinky with my site.

If my site fails on your devices, can you share a link to a site of yours that works, so I can try it with devices I have access to?

We’re unable to find any resources on Galaxy tapping, why it would work differently from other popular devices or how to adjust those settings.

It wasn’t just my husband’s Galaxy; my Acer tablet does it, as does a friend’s Fujitsu smartphone.

One popular option that many use for their mobile menu is to simply hide sub-menus…

Why would hiding submenus be a solution? That would mean no access to the submenu items at all for anyone using a mobile device. The TwentyFourteen theme goes the opposite direction, making the entire menu “flat” (everything open, just indents for sub-items) when in toggle-menu mode. The designers of that theme apparently felt it was too hard to make open/closing submenus work without Javascript, or maybe flat menus are the new style this year…