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I noticed another issue with submenus at the mobile size. You reduced the width from 180px to 150px, and that got my attention, because one of my first couple of submenu items is forced to wrap on the mobile screen. When that happens, the line spacing is such that it’s not obvious that it’s a single item.

Take a look at – it is two cropped screenshots of my developing site in Screenfly on the iPhone 3/4 setting. On the left is the current StartUpPro and on the right is version 2.5. Two concerns:

  1. Is there a reason why the submenu needs to be that narrow? Yes, some of the main menu need to be accessible on the left of it, but mobiles less than 360px wide are rare these days. Also, a fixed width in pixels makes the submenu a long way over from its parent on mid-size screens (like a 7″ tablet in portrait mode). My suggestion is to use a percentage in the media query – something around 70% looks pretty good to me.
  2. When the menu item “Children’s Sunday School” wraps, it’s hard to tell that it is one item. I suggest that the line height be reduced – you are currently using the line height to separate the menu items, but that should be possible with some combination of padding and margins, so that line height can be used for the text itself. I failed in a short attempt to whip up an example, but you know your theme’s CSS better than I do, so you can probably get it to work with no trouble.