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I guess I’m the first to give feedback. Thanks for adding an toggleable Menu link for small sizes (instead of having the whole menu taking up space all the time). But to fully serve touchscreen users, you need to do one more thing (and it should probably be done at all sizes, because of iPads and such): change the way submenus respond to events. Right now only hover will show submenus, and touchscreens cannot hover – they can only click, double-click, and long-press. (There may be other places in the theme where hover is used, but the nav menu it where I noticed the issue.)

I have not personally done the programming for solving this problem, but doing a bit of googling and reading some of the hits, here were a few pages that looked informative:

Another page, although applying it for something else, had this neat little function for detecting a touch screen, without using Modernizr:

function is_touch_device() {
return (('ontouchstart' in window)
      || (navigator.MaxTouchPoints > 0)
      || (navigator.msMaxTouchPoints > 0));

I don’t know if it works on all devices, but it looks promising – I like simple.

But then is a simple blog post that points out the weaknesses in all current attempts to solve the problem – argh!

Anyway, perhaps some of this information might be helpful to you. Any move toward more support of touchscreens for the nav menu is appreciated.